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  If you're looking for the best steelheading on earth... look no furthur!   Babine Steelhead Lodge is located in the upper reaches of the Babine River. Situated near many of the most fabled runs and very secluded, it’s the ideal location to target big trophy steelhead. With steelhead averaging over 10 pounds, fish to 20 caught with regularity and the occasional 30+ pounder, this is truly a fly fishermans paradise. The Babine is one of those place that conjures up images wilderness scenery and unspoiled fisheries. Images of steelhead with shoulders like linebackers are common and since the...

Featured author

My biggest interest is finding new water to swing for anadromous fish and figure out how and when to catch them.  I think this began to consume my life when I first read the John Fennelly book “Steelhead Paradise”.  Reading those stories of exploration in northern BC had me so wound up I could hardly sleep.

I started guiding in Alaska, and in Chile in the late 90‘s but found my bosses...

The buzz up North

Like watching someone pull on a slot machine for two hours with no results, than you step in and win a million dollars.  This is the luck our late season guests found at Frontier Farwest Lodge.  Best fishing of the year by far so a congrats to the late season anglers on the Bulkley!

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