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Featured Lodge

Do you love watching all the other lodges head home while you are still out on the water? Do you love having nearly every available steelhead river in play when scheduling the following days adventure? If so than this is the steelhead experience you have been waiting for.  BBCs new venture on the lower Bulkley River has morphed into a very popular steelhead program.  Its small, intimate size sets the tone for an unparalleled ability to individually tailor each week to the most current river conditions.  If conditions are good anglers will have more options then ever before at any steelhead...

Featured author

My biggest interest is finding new water to swing for anadromous fish and figure out how and when to catch them.  I think this began to consume my life when I first read the John Fennelly book “Steelhead Paradise”.  Reading those stories of exploration in northern BC had me so wound up I could hardly sleep.

I started guiding in Alaska, and in Chile in the late 90‘s but found my bosses...

Restoring cuts to the Fisheries Act

The Canadian Government vows to restore gutted fisheries protections to the Canada Fish Act including $280 million to restoring and conserving valuble habitat.  

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