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The Dos and Don'ts of swinging flies

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BC steelhead
BC steelhead
  • Be grateful for every fish. The big, the small, the tiny. Fishing any time is a precious gift. The pleasure, the pain -- it's all part of why we love it.
  • Subtle shifts in presentation will transform your success rate.  When feeling angry that your not catching crap, simply choose to try something different.
  • Every steelhead comes into our life for a reason. It is up to us to be open to the lesson they are meant to teach.      
  • Trust. In troubled times when no one on the river is getting a sniff, just know that the Universe has your back and eventually you will get your bell rung. 
  • Never take things personally. What others are catching is a reflection of what run they are fishing and probably has little or nothing to do with you.    
  • A walk in nature cures a lot. Catching a fish is the bonus. Taking in some fresh air and the beautiful landscape is amazingly head-clearing, grounding, and mood-lifting. Bonus: If you can get yourself to believe this you will actually catch more fish.
  • You have to feel it to hook it. Bring your doubts front and center because the only way out is by truly thinking the next swing will produce a fish. 
  • Perfectionism is an illusion.  Made a bad cast? Ease up. Strive for excellence, sure, but allow yourself room to make mistakes and permission to be happy regardless of outcome.
  • Take the blinders off. Don't become so laser-focused on catching a fish that you miss out on the beauty around you. The river is stunningly beautiful, and the fish will notice if you noticed.
  • Celebrate the journey. It's not all about the destination.  Getting to and from the river can be more memorable than the actual fish.
  • Don't take fishing too seriously!  Its not life or death stuff, and its not rocket science. Leave your ego at the door.

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