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2016 - An #EPIC Year

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2016 has been really good to Epic.

I’ve had the privilege to be involved with and spend time at every operation Epic owns, manages or represents. Over the past 8 months I’ve travelled to some of British Columbia’s most amazing gems and spent time with the incredible Epic crew and our loyal clients.


Some of the highlights this year include…

- Finishing the final touches on the Bulkley Basecamp. Complete with hot water on demand showers, luxury wall tents, a dining area and a bar lounge area, this camp is taking it to the next level. Ideally situated to access all of the Bulkley and Skeena Valley’s best fishing opportunities it continues a long tradition of the best in the biz.

- Two incredible Summer Camps for King Salmon in the remote coastal wilderness of British Columbia. Both went off flawlessly and were overseen by a phenomenal team of guides. Food prepared in lodge by chef Brandi was out of this world and Wi-Fi was even rumored to have made an appearance.



- Both lodge preparation for Babine Steelhead Lodge and Frontier Far West have been on going through the year. Large operations like these are year round projects and we strive to do them justice. We are all about improving the product each and every year and working on the remote Babine has been a rewarding experience. I know the results will speak for themselves and can’t wait to get the season started. 

- The entire Epic crew at all our fall operations is back to work with us for 2016 and we've even managed to squeeze in some new teammates.

- We have also combined all of Epic’s operations into one central place at . Many of you have fished with us at one operation or another and we are striving to make all that we do streamlined under the Epic umbrella. You can expect the same quality you’ve come to expect from operations like Frontier Far West and Copper Bay Lodge at all our special spots…. and many of the same faces. It means the customer service we pride ourselves on is better than ever, someone is always available to answer your questions and we hope you can find all you are looking for in one convenient place. 


As I write all the Epic team members are arriving in Smithers for the fall season and we all would like to thank you for fishing with us, being involved or just taking the time to read.


Stevie ~

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