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Bob Wickwire


Bob and Jerri Lou Wickwire are true pioneers. In the seventies they pulled up stakes in Portland Oregon and moved the whole family north to British Columbia. Seeking adventure and new opportunities that only the True North could offer.

Bob and Jerri Lou built, owned and operated two of the most famous steelhead lodges in the world, the Silver Hilton and Babine Steelhead Lodge. The Wickwires retired briefly, but at the age of 79 Bob decided to get in one more year of guiding at his beloved Babine Steelhead Lodge and of course Jerri Lou came along to do the cooking and cultivate the grandmother vibes.
Bob and Jerri Lou's return to Babine Steelhead Lodge for the 2015 season was a huge success. A real treat to see him navigate the waters again some fourty years after first falling in love with this wonderful wild that is the Babine. He has amazing stories about specific rocks all along the river, truly a one of a kind perspective and history with one of the worlds great Steelhead rivers. The guests loved them and cherished the opportunity to fish with Babine Bob!

Tom Derry 

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