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BC's Ongoing Herring Plunder

The BC Herring Fishery

The BC government divides the coast herring population into 5 categories and defines only the Straight of Georgia population as healthy. Despite closure on the rest of the coast, the commercial fishery there is still permitted a 20% harvest annually, a number in heated contest. In 2018 the fisheries minister famously permitted a similar harvest threshold despite the advice of her own...

Fishing for Downstreamers??

This is always an exciting time of year online. Late spring marks the arrival of some amazing fisheries and big chrome steelhead pictures are soon to follow.

I love seeing people out there getting after it, especially friends. Mixed in Instagram feeds though are a generous smattering of pics with people hoisting up beat up kelt after kelt.

What’s a kelt? A kelt or a downstreamer is steelhead that has already spawned and is...

Coast to Clouds Conservation Foundation 2017


In 2016 preparations for a conservation arm of Epic Waters Angling began. Armed with the successes of previous environmental organizations and already with focus on some core conservation concerns we set out to hone our activism. We felt that that the best way to affect change was wade right in – excuse the pun.

Anglers from all over the world travel to the Skeena region every year and many want to become involved...

The Line Is Drawn in the Gravel: When It Comes to Industry, Choose Carefully

Article by Amanda Follett Hosgood

We all know that industry is part of living in northern BC: logging trucks roll past on the highways, trains carrying cargo rumble through our communities, and thousands of tourists visit every year in airplanes and RVs. Even the fishing industry contributes to the clatter with motorized river access and fly-in camps. All that said, these are our jobs and livelihoods a...

Fisherman's 5 with Sean Johnson

The Fisherman's 5 is a new series we are running here at Epic Waters, so keep your eye out for it in the upcoming weeks.  We will be asking folks who have been in the fishing industry for many years 5 questions to answer honestly.  Expect to hear from guides, marketing experts, casting champions, rod and reel builders and much more.  Our industry has changed a lot over the last decade and many of these p...


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