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Keeping the fight for our coastal fish simple

Many things have contributed to the great decrease in salmon populations up and down the coast.  There are plenty of arguments to suggest we should sit idly by with our hands tied. Many   believe we understand so little about the causes that it’s a waste of time and money to try to stop it, or maybe they just give up thinking its things we can’t help like loss of habitat, or climate change. Others have been lulled to sleep...

Threats to steelhead

A 1996 study of all anadromous or ocean-going fish stocks in British Columbia and Yukon documented that 142 separate stocks or runs have already gone extinct out of a total of 9,662. In the United States, which has endured far more human impacts to Steelhead and salmon rivers and their watersheds, have lost over 400 indigenous stocks (29%) of the 1400 that originally existed. The majority of remaining native salmon and steelhead runs...


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