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Fishing for Downstreamers??

This is always an exciting time of year online. Late spring marks the arrival of some amazing fisheries and big chrome steelhead pictures are soon to follow.

I love seeing people out there getting after it, especially friends. Mixed in Instagram feeds though are a generous smattering of pics with people hoisting up beat up kelt after kelt.

What’s a kelt? A kelt or a downstreamer is steelhead that has already spawned and is...

Oh those clients

A week at a good fishing lodge invariably makes as many memories off the water as on. And while every week of the season produces fishing stories those involved will never forget, from the perspective of staff and guides, the clients are what make it all worthwhile.

Contrary to what some may assume, being a client isn’t necessarily easy. Fishing trips are always golden in hindsight, but everyone knows that steelhead fishing isn’t...

Your guide to guides

A key to identifying common members of the genus Dux (guide)

1 - The Head guide - Dux primis

Identification of Head guides is easy; they usually introduce themselves as such. Other tell-tale signs include 'Guide #1' stickers plastering their to-go cups, and a general air of godliness. Their angling skills are exceeded only by their charisma, and, if pressed, most clients would freely admit that whil...

When it all goes horribly wrong

Some years are better than others in every way. Some years you just want to forget and 2017 has been a very challenging one in a lot of ways.  When it rains it pours, and we had endless bad luck. From low fish returns, to constant flat tires, to broken boats we were always on the move. 

Heres a comical montage of the beat down our team took.  Thanfully our staff knows how to roll with the punches and we ended...

Big Pine with Shallow Phins

When you head out to fly fish the ocean you are completely at the mercy of the weather.  Since we live and die by the weather for steelhead we certainly understand our trip was going to be a roll of the dice. 

Luckily for us the storms parted and we were able to hit a perfect weather window for tarpon fishing. We also lucked out by surprisingly catching a may long weekend worm hatch.  Prepared for the worst w...


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