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Don't always judge a run by the surface

Throughout a calendar year we spend a lot of time guiding on many different rivers with wildly opposite characteristics.  The micro runs of Haida Gwaii to the marathon runs of the Skeena all make for new and interesting challenges. It is easy to fish a river once and point out the “A” water where you can watch your undulating fly walk through at a perfect speed.  However life just isn’t always so simple. 


Spey Fishing Seasonal Diary

Winter 2014:

As I look back at the lower Skeena, winter started on November 16th. That was the day I stopped chasing the summer steelhead run on the upper tributaries. My sights were set on the fall/winter run on the lower Skeena system. Unlike most anglers I was determined to stay with my long head spey lines throughout the winter. The reason for this decision...

Lot of ways to get beat in this game

When you think of tough winter steelheading you think of low water, cold water, no water, snow, ice and freezing temps.  Unfortunately for us we saw all of these at one point or another this season. As our guest Mark Bale pointed out, “there’s a lot of ways to get beat in this game.”  

As our winter steelhead season on Haida Gwaii comes to a close we can start to reflect on what we saw and learned the past two mon...

The Dos and Don'ts of swinging flies

BC steelhead
Be grateful for every fish. The big, the small, the tiny. Fishing any time is a precious gift. The pleasure, the pain -- it's all part of why we love it. Subtle shifts in presentation will transform your success rate.  When feeling angry that your not catching crap, simply choose to try something different. Every steelhead comes into our life for a reason. It is up to us to...

Come hell or LOW water

Make it Rain

This is no joke. I am going crazy.  It should be the heart of the winter steelhead season in Northern California, and I should be making all kinds of excuses to be on the coast, chasing big dime bright steelhead just coming in from the Pacific.

But it won’t rain…

This time of year I am usually looking at the flows of dozens of different rivers within 300 miles, trying to figure out whic...


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