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Twerk your fly

Although some of our runs here in haida Gwaii are big wide open gravel bars akin to the Bulkley or Morice with enough room to carelessly fling flies in any direction, others are quite opposite. With grabby trees above your head, and looming over soft bouldery buckets, each cast we make has to be well constructed from its conception. 

Every week our guests have a learning curve to get in tune with this. No matter how ex...

ISE Sportsman show update

It’s showtime! I have been running around dragging booths, TV’s, business cards and guides to promote The Fly Shop and the amazing places we represent for over a week, and we are only half way there! The ISE Sportsmen’s Show continues this weekend in Denver Colorado.

Last weekend we were down in Sacramanto California promoting our local guide service in Northern California and I did a presentation on Steelhead Fly Fishing f...

2013 Bulkley/Morice year in review

The entire skeena system is famous for having steelhead that are eager to take a dry fly and the 2013 season showed us just how good it can be. It was far and away the best dry fly season in the past decade.  

The season started out well for us as the early return in the Skeena was quite good.  For a short period of time fish counts entering the system were keeping up with the last 2 years which were exceptional r...

Swinging flies for Trinity Steelhead

Trinity river steelhead

The Trinity River in Northern California is my home river.  I have had the pleasure of swinging flies for steelhead all the way around the Pacific rim, from California up and around through the States, BC and Alaska, and down into the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, but the Trinity always feels like home.

The Trinity, for me, is a summer run river. We fish it in the late summer and fall, when the water is gin clear and...

Justin Miller hosted trip winter steelheading

Every year more and more trout fisherman are learning that they have been missing out for years not swinging flies for steelhead. However as more people are drawn to the sport, those of us that have been steelheading our entire lives have been in search of more challenging situations with a spey rod.  These are the trips that I like the most. I host trips around the world where great challenges equals great rewards.  T...


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