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Spey Fishing

Togiak River Kings

Everyone has different expectations when fly fishing for king salmon. For some folks, just catching some is enough. Whether stripping flies through sloughs, or swinging up older, colored fish, they are happy as long as there is a good chance they will hook at least one. Others prefer rivers a little closer to the ocean, where the kings have a better chance of being bright.   These are all just personal preferences, nei...

These five feats with a spey rod are likely to give you the same feeling as sex.

A new study by Boom and Wilde reveals something else can release the same chemicals in our brains as sex. They found it can  happen while spey fishing for steelhead.  You are probably coming off a serious high after Valentine’s Day, and if you’re looking for your next fix, look no further than your closest steelhead river.   

No surprise was that a dry fly steelhead came out on top as the most eupho...

See it again for the first time

There is something special about getting intimate with a stretch of water. It is an opportunity usually held for someones ‘home water’ if they live on a river and get to grow up fishing it day and day out.  For fishing guides the lure of the job is often to be able to explore and fish lots of different rivers and beats.  Guides often look at fishing the same beat every day as a negative and boring. ...

Proper short line skagit casting

Fishing short lines is a topic that has probably been done to death.  Even epic has several blog posts about how effective it can be.  The problem is that people don’t accept how difficult fishing a short line effectively is.  Every subtle mistake with a short line is exemplified 10 fold with the fly.  Without much line in the water to stretch or absorb your mistakes your poor fly gets tossed around like your favo...

Frontier Farwest Guest spotlight

Goose chase for a moose hide:  article by Amanda Follett Hosgood A Frontier Farwest guest’s misadventures in seeking Indigenous art

In the Frontier Farwest Lodge, Strat Leggat models a well-loved coat for a dozen or so fishing guests.

Its sleeves are a little short (it never did fit quite right), so it hasn’t seen a lot of wear over its 45 years. Now, he’s trying to find a new one, his quest...


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