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Spey Fishing

Getting back to single hand rods for steelhead

If you could step into a steelhead time machine, you would probably end up fishing some of the greatest runs in history and have them all to yourself. The one thing that would surprise you as you stepped out of the time machine all wadered up is that your spey rod would have turned back in time as well and is now a single-hand rod. 

Now, single-hand rods have seen a major resurgence in the steelhead game due to some gr...

Stranded on a desert island with 3 rods

Yesterday I had a conversation with a guest about spey rods, and it raised a point regarding rod selection that I thought was interesting.

He indicated that he was contemplating buying several rods, and he asked me to name my 3 “go-to” spey rods.  Immediately I resisted answering—not out of fear of sharing my rod preferences but because I know that my preferences rarely match other peoples.


It's Okay to be Drifter... but Nobody likes a Creep!

epic waters, spey, steelhead, dean river, skeena, bulkley, morice river, babine


From somewhere deep in my twisted mind is the best shirt design ever! It reads "it's okay to be a drifter... but nobody likes a creep."


It would have the "drifter" face of Tom Hanks from Castaway months, NO years after a haircut and beside, a close up of creepy Anthony Hopkins from Silence of the Lambs or that guy playing a banjo in Deliverance. People would probably conjure up images of drifting f...

Best New Thing: OPST Commando Heads

Epic, epic waters, steelhead, spey

Best New Thing is a new section dedicated to products and services in our industry that switch up the game, make things easier or are just sweet!


OPST Commando Heads- How Shorter Than Super Short Isn't Too Short

So here it is... time for another installment of stuff I thought would never work... skagit heads that are shorter than already short skagit heads.

Skagit lines...

Fisherman's 5 with James Reid

bamboo rods, bamboo fly rods, jm reid, james reid, steelhead, frontier far west, copper bay lodge, epic waters, epic waters angling, babine river

James Reid is a highly respected bamboo rod builder from North Vancouver, British Columbia. His rods have been described as "the closest feeling to graphite out there" which despite them being all wood and proudly so, is a testemant to the ongoing research and development he has put into hollow built bamboo. We are no longer surprised at the number of his rods that come through our lodges as everyo...


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