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Spey Fishing

5 terms to avoid when steelhead fishing

The quality of your steelheading trip is typically based on expectations.  We often see anglers get so dejected from the sport that we have to put them on suicide watch, hiding all ropes, knives and pills.

To avoid depression while steelheading try to stay away from terms that can send you down the wrong path on your trip.  Trust us, an excellent method to avoiding the pitfalls of steelhead depression is to follow...

Spey Fishing Nepal

Coming into this adventure, my ultimate goal was to fish the entire country of Nepal and document what I saw.  

Here is my epic journey - start to finish on one the best and most meaningful trips I have ever taken. If you love adventure fishing there is nothing more exhilerating than exploring new rivers in a foriegn country.  

If you would like more information on my trip, or have some qu...


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