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Togiak River Kings

Everyone has different expectations when fly fishing for king salmon. For some folks, just catching some is enough. Whether stripping flies through sloughs, or swinging up older, colored fish, they are happy as long as there is a good chance they will hook at least one. Others prefer rivers a little closer to the ocean, where the kings have a better chance of being bright.   These are all just personal preferences, nei...

Oh those clients

A week at a good fishing lodge invariably makes as many memories off the water as on. And while every week of the season produces fishing stories those involved will never forget, from the perspective of staff and guides, the clients are what make it all worthwhile.

Contrary to what some may assume, being a client isn’t necessarily easy. Fishing trips are always golden in hindsight, but everyone knows that steelhead fishing isn’t...

Coast to Clouds Conservation Foundation 2017


In 2016 preparations for a conservation arm of Epic Waters Angling began. Armed with the successes of previous environmental organizations and already with focus on some core conservation concerns we set out to hone our activism. We felt that that the best way to affect change was wade right in – excuse the pun.

Anglers from all over the world travel to the Skeena region every year and many want to become involved...

King fishing Alaska

We reserved the peak weeks of the Kodiak Island King salmon run months ago to secure spots for our Epic guests. Our guests will be fishing the Ayakulik River staying at a camp run by Alpenview outfitters. They are the only licensed operator allowed to overnight with guests in the park in which the camp lies (Kodiak National Wildlife refuge). Fish in Solitude on our epic trips. Over a 4 month season the camp only sees 6-8 private...

Frontier Farwest Guest spotlight

Goose chase for a moose hide:  article by Amanda Follett Hosgood A Frontier Farwest guest’s misadventures in seeking Indigenous art

In the Frontier Farwest Lodge, Strat Leggat models a well-loved coat for a dozen or so fishing guests.

Its sleeves are a little short (it never did fit quite right), so it hasn’t seen a lot of wear over its 45 years. Now, he’s trying to find a new one, his quest...


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