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Spey Fishing Nepal

Coming into this adventure, my ultimate goal was to fish the entire country of Nepal and document what I saw.  

Here is my epic journey - start to finish on one the best and most meaningful trips I have ever taken. If you love adventure fishing there is nothing more exhilerating than exploring new rivers in a foriegn country.  

If you would like more information on my trip, or have some qu...


A few weeks ago, I had a chance to meet up with an old (actually he’s pretty young) friend to fish new waters.  Our plan A was to go to the Thompson, but it closed after the first of November.  We planned to leave on the 18th.  What to do??  I called a friend (Jeff Jarrett) in Orofino, Idaho to see what the Clearwater was doing.  He told me to get my ass up there.  So Plan B turned to the Clearwater and...


Thompson river steelhead

Whenever I take a steelheading or any other fishing trip, I get the First Day Blues.  I can prepare all I want and I will have a major fuck-up on my first day.  I don’t know why this happens.  I can get to my destination camp or room or lodge with all of my equipment and necessary items; clothing, camera stuff, fishing gear and toiletries.  I have everything to make a successful trip.  But I guess I get so ex...


It is the 5th of September and we have a cold front moving through Seattle with a bit of rain.  It feels like fall.  Yesterday when there were a few hours of sunshine making its way through the trees, I recognized the angle of the shadows as a forecast of autumn a few days or weeks ahead.  Within the last couple of decades I would go into a funk because of the diminishing daily sunshine.  Some years it would devel...

The dangers of fishing, no really

fly fishing travel

Every so often in the fishing game, you are going to end up in some horrible and dangerous situations.  Usually it is due to a bad decision somewhere along the way. Charging through water that manute bol couldn’t wade, rafting class 5 rapids in a float tube or hiking through miles of devils club all spell disaster.  In the fishing world we all do a lot of exploratory trips, and with all the available resources some good res...


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