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Fishing BC? here are the Cana-dos and the Cana-don'ts

 If you have finally saved enough money for the insanely expensive BC angling licenses, and the steelhead season up-charge for rental cars or fishing guides, you should bone up on the “Canadian” ways. 

To start you will want to load up your spotify playlists with Neil Young, Tragically Hip, Feist and Michael Buble. Toss on some Stompin’ Tom Connors and Leonard Cohen for some bonus points.  This will immediate...

Epic in Movember


While having coffee at the Packing House in Spences Bridge I said to my friends, " Once I land my Thompson fish I'm leaving."  They jokingly replied, "You could be here for ten days or more,"  as they looked and laughed at my 'handful' of grease lined flies. Armed with only five deer hair flies I began swinging toward the  lake hole. After a full day of casting my 70 foot spey line I started to th...

Rio Marie Big Bass

Big Peacock Bass are the junkyard dogs of the jungle. They will defend their little piece of structure or bed or wherever they call home from any invader, for any reason. Pull a fly through  their kitchen while they are on guard and they are guaranteed to try and hurt it, and you, real bad. It is just their nature. All peacock bass are tough as nails, but the really BIG ones are impossible to forget and are a whole different ani...

I heard it through the grapevine

I was driving home from elk hunting the other day and I heard a song on the radio that beamed me (Scotty) into the past.  In 1970, I was driving with a friend south from Seattle to fish for three days.  That day we were headed for the Toutle River.  About halfway to the river, I heard a new version of a song I knew very well.  This version was 11 minutes long, though, and sung by Credence Clearwater Revival. ...

Spey rod for the big ones

I have a new favorite setup for the big ones.

It used to be that when we went after big salmon we had to fish 14 to 16 foot rods in 10wt. As a steelheader, I have gotten very comfortable with my shorter 12.5 to 13.5 ft rods and do not like casting the extremely long rods that much any more. I like the compact lines and compact casting strokes that go with the shorter sticks.

This summer I got to fish for monsters...


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