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Spey rod for the big ones

I have a new favorite setup for the big ones.

It used to be that when we went after big salmon we had to fish 14 to 16 foot rods in 10wt. As a steelheader, I have gotten very comfortable with my shorter 12.5 to 13.5 ft rods and do not like casting the extremely long rods that much any more. I like the compact lines and compact casting strokes that go with the shorter sticks.

This summer I got to fish for monsters...

King Salmon on the fly

King salmon on the fly

Although we all dream of swinging grease lines, or skating dries, the reality of the game is if we plan on fishing often throughout a calendar year one has to come to terms with a sink tip. Once you get used to that idea an entire world of spey fishing opens up, one that we have been fully immersed in for the past 5 years. 

Swinging for kings is technically similar to winter steelhead.  Depth and speed of the swin...

Haida Gwaii

              For several years a friend of mine who lived on Queen Charlotte Islands, constantly told me stories of fantastic fishing in the primal streams flowing through the thick rain forests surrounding him.  Another friend of mine and I decided to visit him and see how much of what he had to say was BS and how much was possible.  We discovered no BS and all kinds of possibilitie...

Kola Peninsula: Varzina River

atlantic salmon

Join Justin Miller, The Fly Shop Sea-run Travel Specialist and Spey casting junkie, as he makes the leap between the Steelhead world and Atlantic Salmon. Justin has fished and guided steelhead from California, all the way around the Pacific, to the Kamchatka Peninsula and is excited to explore some of the best, most remote salmon rivers we can get to, and swing flies for some of the biggest and brightest fish in the Atlantic.


Justin Miller hosted trip winter steelheading

Every year more and more trout fisherman are learning that they have been missing out for years not swinging flies for steelhead. However as more people are drawn to the sport, those of us that have been steelheading our entire lives have been in search of more challenging situations with a spey rod.  These are the trips that I like the most. I host trips around the world where great challenges equals great rewards.  T...


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