Mike VanWormer A.K.A VDubs podcast

Vdubs is one of the original members of the Frontier team.  He was an integral part of setting up the lodge platform and turning a plan into action.  Mike and I started working together in 1998 at Mackenzie Trail Lodge which was once the biggest freshwater operations in the province.  In this Podcast, Stevie Morrow

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The Truth behind Canadian Thanksgiving

Throwback article Not too many holidays land smack in the middle of prime fishing weeks, but the biggest one of note is Canadian Thanksgiving. It is here this weekend, and if you live up north you are either hunting or fishing with your time off. Many of our fantastic American guests are quite curious about […]

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Throwback Thursday: Remembering fishing boots on the ground

As the sport of fly-fishing grows in popularity the technology used to get out has progressed as well. Access to small rafts is cheaper and easier than ever allowing people to get out and go for floats. This means covering more water and being able to access sections of the river that might otherwise be […]

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Leave the city for pristine wilderness

When we created this video, no one had ever heard the words Coronavirus or Covid-19.  However, after what we have gone through the past 6 months it seems to ring true in a far more important way.  We promote places that have unique, spey oriented fisheries in beautiful wilderness settings.  We try to match that […]

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Throwback Thursday (2016): There are a lot of ways to get beat in this game

When you think of tough winter steelheading you think of high or low water, cold water, no water, snow, ice and freezing temps.  Unfortunately for us we saw all of these at one point or another this season. As our guest Mark Bale pointed out, “there’s a lot of ways to get beat in this […]

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