Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is where we call home during the winter months, and anyone who has ever been here knows how incredibly special it is.  It is one of the truly unique destinations in Canada   that offers something for everyone to relate to.  Whether you choose to come in the summer, winter, for fishing or touring you will have a very memorable and wonderful experience.

Here is a photo blog of a day Chris George and I took exploring the coast.  It started off as one of those magical days but ended up taking an ugly and unexpected turn that involved an ambulance, a coast guard trip at 11pm and a hospital!

Launching at low tide

Spectacular coastline

Firing out the Prawn and crab traps

Walking up a small coastal river with spey rods and guns looking for steelhead and deer

A baby killer whale that had washed up on shore.  This is the 8th one DFO has found this year

Bunch of rock fish we caught

While filleting fish at night Chris put a critical cut in his hand and we had to call an ambulance and coast guard to take us over to Charlotte hospital immediately

In the end Chris was stiched up and will be perfectly fine.  We made it back home the next morning.

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