ISE Sportsman show update

It’s showtime! I have been running around dragging booths, TV’s, business cards and guides to promote The Fly Shop and the amazing places we represent for over a week, and we are only half way there! The ISE Sportsmen’s Show continues this weekend in Denver Colorado.

Last weekend we were down in Sacramanto California promoting our local guide service in Northern California and I did a presentation on Steelhead Fly Fishing for some pretty big crowds. The turnout was great this year. It seems to me like the ISE Sportsmen’s shows have been growing in popularity lately and we see a ton of people attending and booking trips at these events. Sunday was pretty slow in Sac with the 49ers playing a big game.

We just finished setting up our booth in Denver and we are excited for another great show. We are doing a lot more international travel focus here. We are doing presentations on fly fishing on the Kamchatka Peninsula today at 2:30pm. We are also hosting a cocktail party Friday night to premiere Ryan Peterson’s new Kamchatka video “In the Words of our Guests”. I will get it up on Epic after the premiere, stay tuned for that!

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