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Justin Miller hosted trip winter steelheading

Every year more and more trout fisherman are learning that they have been missing out for years not swinging flies for steelhead. However as more people are drawn to the sport, those of us that have been steelheading our entire lives have been in search of more challenging situations with a spey rod.  These are the trips that I like the most. I host trips around the world where great challenges equals great rewards.  This winter I am hosting a trip to just such a location.

Winter steelhead fishing on the Queen Charlottes Islands now known as Haida Gwaii.  This trip is for intermediate to advanced anglers looking to target steelhead off the grid. The rivers are small walk and wades with fish up to 20lbs. Ever dreamed of having a steelhead river to yourself and fishing under old growth 700 year old trees. This is one of the most unique destinations in North America and we will be swinging bright flies for tide fresh, trophy, wild BC steelhead. If this isn’t on your bucketlist it should be.


  1. Justin:

    Good morning. I am a VP of the Peninsula Fly Fishers located in a Redwood City Ca. We are looking for good speakers for our monthly meetings and your name came up. I was wondering if your schedule has any openings between August and a November, 2021. We meet on the third Thursdays of the month.
    Tight lines and stay safe,


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