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Kola Peninsula: Varzina River

Join Justin Miller, The Fly Shop Sea-run Travel Specialist and Spey casting junkie, as he makes the leap between the Steelhead world and Atlantic Salmon. Justin has fished and guided steelhead from California, all the way around the Pacific, to the Kamchatka Peninsula and is excited to explore some of the best, most remote salmon rivers we can get to, and swing flies for some of the biggest and brightest fish in the Atlantic.

The Kola Peninsula is home to the strongest remaining populations of wild Atlantic Salmon left on Earth, and the Varzina River has some of the largest specimens. Fish in excess of 20lbs are a weekly occurrence in camp, and fish over 30lbs are recorded every season. The largest salmon ever taken in the Varzina was a monster of 59.9lbs or 30 kg. The fish here are no joke and neither is the fishing.

The rivers of the Northern Kola are beautiful, rugged and rocky, requiring a moderate level of Billy Goat blood to get from pool to pool. The Varzina Main Lodge is located just four short kilometers from the Barents Sea, providing walking access to the best pools on the lower river. Early season is spent fishing these lower beats for the brightest, strongest fish of the season, walking the entire lower river. As the run moves up stream, the Varzina River Lodge utilizes helicopters to access water further up the Varzina as well as some of the neighboring rivers.

The 2014 season is filling fast, and we still have some great space available during a select few weeks in

one of Mother Russia’s premier northern rivers, the Varzina.

There are 2 weeks available, mid-June, hosted by The Fly Shop’s Justin Miller.

7 JUN 2014 – 14 JUN 2014 walking week

14 JUN 2014 – 21 JUN 2014 helicopter week

Give Justin a call today at 800-669-3474, or send an email to [email protected] with any questions regarding your remote Atlantic salmon adventure.

Come and join us on the Kola Peninsula in June 2014.

Tell me this does not make you want to get on a helicopter for the remote reaches of the Kola. Don’t be left out…

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