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Bulkley Basecamp: King Salmon

(877) 846-9153

This lodge holds valuable rod days specifically on the finest king salmon and steelhead fisheries on the coast.  By utilizing base camps (luxury camping), and float planes we have access to 3 major waterways on the coast, each offering extremely productive king salmon and steelhead opportunities. 

For the king salmon program, depending on the week, you will fish Douglas channel, Gardner Canal, and or Portland inlet for unique small coastal rivers teaming with King Salmon.  Out of our main lodge in Smuthers we also target kings at the mouth of major tributaries on the upper Skeena. This operation is the only guided service offering trips to the upper Skeena for king salmon. The skeena fish move through the lower river quickly but after they make it to Kitwanga the bright fish slow down and hold in picture perfect spey water. 

Bulkley Basecamp's niche is bringing you high end trips to unique coastal rivers where you spey fish for tide fresh chinook in small, intimate rivers.  This experience represents the finest king salmon on the fly fishing available anywhere in North America.  Get away from the crowds and live riverside in style. The lodge will go to great lengths to put you on water that has limited angling and guided pressure.  Bulkley Basecamp holds the best classified rod days for king salmon on the fly in BC.  If you love the outdoors and enjoy fishing rivers that you can have all to yourself, inquire about one of our summer camps.

For steelhead Bulkley Basecamp has set up a signature camp on the lower Bulkley strategically placed to access the Skeena, Bulkley canyons, and offer short heli trips to the Babine river, and extreme upper Skeena.  Since every week in the fall runs the risk of a rainstorm - blow out,  our guests also have days available on the Morice river.  The Morice rarely ever blows out ensuring all our steelheaders get out and fish good water day in and day out. If you appreciate long days on the river, incredible camp water, exclusive rivers and the best variety steelhead package in BC you will want to hit this camp up for a week. 


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