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Frontier Farwest Lodge

(877) 846-9153

Frontier Farwest lodge has become one of the premiere destinations for steelhead in the world. Luxury meets rustic as you fish your way through 150 miles of named runs.  The lodge boasts a brand new post and beam facility and offers single occupency cabins to 12 guests a week. If you prefer to get out of the luxury of the main lodge we have two separate steelhead camps in the upper and lower Bulkley canyons. Sturdy wall tents on prime water puts you in the centre of the best water available on the Bulkley river. Fish from dawn till dusk and target aggressive, fresh, chrome steelhead as they negotiate the class 4 rapids of the canyons.  Over a weeks stay you will also have the opportunity to fish the Upper Morice river famous for its long glassy glides, and Hemingway-esque dry fly water. You can stay two nights at our Morice River Lodge, which is a remote jet boat access only facility with all the comforts of home. Crystal clear waters, you will find yourself sight casting to a multitude of steelhead. The specialized logistics, and attentions to detail make it effortless to fish through all this incredible water with ease.  No other lodge has put more effort into developing a fishing program than Frontier Farwest. We love many fishing operations around the world, but this one is indeed a very special experience that should not be missed.

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