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Steelhead Paradise

The wilderness of northern BC is riddled with rushing rivers. Crystal clear waters teeming with unbelievable wild steelhead, some growing up to thirty pounds and beyond. That’s exactly what you’d expect from a place that’s home to the world’s most prolific wild steelhead run. And one of those rivers flows right through our backyard, the Bulkley.   Here is where you will find our steelhead lodge – Frontier Steelhead Experience.

Step outside our first-class, post and beam cabins and take a deep breath. You’ll smell the “perfume of the wild,” the distinct fragrance of mountain fresh air, and a fast free flowing river at your doorstep. A lodge located in the town of Smithers but is encompassed by wilderness.  Forests that are home to moose, caribou, elk, deer, black bears, grizzlies, and wolves. Huge lakes dotting the rolling hills inhabited by loons, eagles, and scattered beaver dams. That splash you hear is the sound of slippery, silvery bodies hitting the surface of the river right outside your door – the Bulkley River.

These waters are well named – with runs that have become folklore. These wild Steehead are fighters. They’re big, they’re strong, and they’ll give even the most experienced anglers a run for their money.  But a trip to the Bulkley Valley isn’t just about the fishing, it is truly the experience of a steelhead trip that fills the soul. The history of the area, the traditions of the fishery is profound. You are standing in the steelhead mecca of the world. This is steelhead paradise.

Our operation has great respect for the land and the waters around us, and our lodge is run with absolute care.  It’s that care that we want to pass on to our guests.  The philosophy is that all of us anglers that fish for steelhead in these waters should be stewards of the land.  We should be the ones that fight the hardest to preserve the runs for the future. It is these efforts, along with a family atmosphere at the lodge that keep clients coming back.

Northern British Columbia has a lot of nature, and no matter where you go, you’ll see something special that you’ve never seen anywhere else, or you didn’t think was here.  The land, the water, the fishery and the people add up to an incredible experience that deserves to be on anyone’s dream steelhead bucketlist.  If you have any questions, email or call and we will give you every last detail on a trip to our famous lodge.

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