Bulkley Special Fly recipe

The name says it all really.  Its another egg sucking leech in classic Bulkley River colors.  In case you’ve never fished the Bulkley, its a bit of a goldilocks river.  The way it sets up for the swung fly in every sense is “just right”. The river is just large enough to fish a fun length of line, just clear enough to see a few fish here and there.  Its just far enough up the Skeena that the fish are still bright, yet very trout like with dry flies.  I may be slightly biased since I have been guiding the Bulkley for the past 4 years, but the river is truly perfection for a spey angler.    

This pattern has just enough bling to be noticed, yet dark enough to still trick the wariest fish in the pool. It has just the right amount of hot spot with the pink head.  Its a classic combination for sure, and I can guarantee ROI on your investment immediatley.  Steelhead love this, Coho munch it, and Chinook will bite it too.  Its a good fly for inland rivers, and dark days. Tie it or buy it but don’t leave home without it if you are venturing to Steelhead Paradise.

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