Just a Yiddle Bit

Fly fishing is a game of inches, and subtleties that ultimately determines success.  Actions typically need to be small and never exaggerated from casting, to mending, to setting the hook and to fighting the fish.  Too big of a sweep and you can blow your anchor, too big of a stroke and you get rainbow loops, and too big of a mend you get a fly that never fishes.  To big of a hook set you and you will break off and to much power on a cast will shock the rod.

My three year old has picked up on this aspect of life in general.  Just a “yiddle bit” he always says.  He has realized if you ask for just a little of something, you are much more successful than asking for a lot. It can make the difference to him getting a small piece of cake just as much as you getting a strong take.

All actions with a spey rod are extremely exaggerated by the length and power of the rod.  Moderation is the key to life and fly fishing. The next time you rip a mend too hard, or pull a fly out of a fishes mouth, just remember what a small 3 year old would be saying to you, “Just a Yiddle bit!”

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