Coast to Clouds 2020


Skeena Fishtrap – Piggybacking on the success of the Columbia Fishtrap pilot, a similar project on the Skeena will be built by Lax Kw’alaams Fisheries, the Native Fish Society and the Wild Fish Conservancy (banner picture). Using nonintrusive enclosures to corral fish for selective harvest, catch and release survival on non-target species is effectively 99%. The creation and success of this project has the potential to change the way we harvest salmon, eliminate unnecessary mortality of threatened stocks and even reinvent fisheries estimation.


Babine Temperature Monitoring – the collection of temperature data throughout the Babine corridor. Partnering with Gitksan Watershed Authorities and Skeena Fisheries Commission, annual models will provide critical information about the importance of cool water inputs, how they are being affected by forestry and climate and ultimately what regions deserve further protections. The temperature loggers used collect data year round.


Babine River Foundation – We continue to support their ongoing efforts to preserve the Babine Watershed and protect from external pressures; wide-scale forest harvest and its impact on the corridor most notably.


Thank you to our funding partners:

|Frontier Steelhead Experience | Babine Steelhead Lodge | 

| Bulkley Basecamp | Copper Bay Lodge | Togiak Wilderness Camp |

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