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About Us

Our group of fisherman love anything that bites, but we have a special connection to taking fish on a swung fly.  We travel around the world knocking off bucket list species, but we always come back to the west coast for steelhead. Winter, summer, fall you will find us in some far reach of a remote steelhead fishery. We offer advice on where to go, when to go, and with whom to go with, and after being in the industry for two decades we have very reliable opinions.

We are a mix of guides, trip hosts, lodge owners, and environmentalists, and have a unique take on the modern issues of fly fishing. Our backgrounds are all different but they all led to the same place

As we were doing some soul searching about this blog we came to realize we walk a very fine line in life.  If we were ever put in a mental institute I don’t know if they would ever let us out

Diagnosing a steelhead fisherman, or a mental illness 

  • Behavior. Obsessive actions or drinking too much alcohol might be signs of a mental health condition. 

This sounds familiar. Fishing every chance you can, swinging flies in the worst possible weather conditions. Muddy water, below freezing winter conditions, we never stop. Alcohol every day while tying flies, or chatting with guests. Houston, we have a problem.

  • Feelings. Sometimes a mental health condition is characterized by a deep or ongoing sadness, euphoria or anger.

A steelheader who goes several days without touching a fish is not uncommon, but when you are on your one an only destination trip of the year, sadness can run deep.  The anger can build to very unhealthy levels. You see the pity on the guides faces, and everyone else who has caught fish. The reverse is true when the bite is on.  Its the yo yo extremes going from sadness and anger to utter  euphoria that concern the doctors.

  • Thinking. Delusions — fixed beliefs that are not changeable in light of conflicting evidence  

A steelheader is nearly always delusional. Having to believe that every cast will produce a fish is part of the sport. With out delusion you will never sustain as a steelheader. Call it a blessing or a curse, those of us that chase anadromous fish are severely delusional.

If you love to fish as much as us I highly recommend not reading the "Diagnostic of Mental Disorders", and avoid the "American Psychiatric Association".  If they ever test you, you may be locked away for life.



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