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About Epic Waters

Expectations are always met as Epic waters owns and operates top lodges on the best spey water in the world.  Whether you join us online reading about our adventures, or pull the trigger and come swing some flies with us you will quickly see the passion in what we do.  Excellent fishing in pristine watersheds, matched with impeccable service and luxury accommodations.

If you are an experienced steelhead angler, you have either been reading about our rivers or fishing them yourself for many years. Epic waters trips are typically not your run-of-the-mill steelheading excursions. Our brand focuses on offering the absolute best service in the industry from the moment you book until you are headed home with an enlightened smile. We have pushed the boundaries of what your expectations should be for a fishing trip and the rest of the lodges are working to catch up. Our lodges work together in unison, sharing rod days, guides, chefs, managers, and it has elevated every element of our trips. For guests this translates to friendly, familiar faces, more options on the water and better service at the lodge.

At the heart of Epic’s identity is the belief that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comforts of home in order to experience some of the world’s most beautiful, rugged landscapes and incredible adventures. We own and operate several first-class lodges in remote British Columbia and endorse others around the world. We believe that your trip should be about you. That means that no two trips are ever the same. We pride ourselves in providing safe, luxurious adventures to our very loyal client base. With us, you’ll discover the untouched beauty of our land, from silver shores to rugged glaciers and ancient forests. Your stay with Epic will leave you with a unique understanding of our people and our land, and it is our hope that, when your stay comes to an end, your journey as an ambassador for our northern archipelago will begin.

Our philosophy is to put conservation first, so, in 2016, we created our foundation, Coast to Clouds, to help protect the habitat we love. We have a commitment to environmental responsibility and a respectful balance with nature.

At Epic Waters, we can’t tell you how many fish you will catch, what the run size will end up being or how clear the river will be, but we can guarantee several important factors: Our food will be world-class, our equipment top notch and our guides will be helpful, experienced, and attentive. They will have all the proper equipment with them to lend you for a successful day.

Heading into our twelfth season in the Skeena region, we can assure you that we will work harder than anyone to put you in the best possible position to have a successful trip no matter what Mother Nature sends our way.