The Experience


We have come to realize in the world of anadromous fish that the word experience sums up what we do much better than anything else.  Trout fisheries can promise stability, hatchery rivers can kick out numbers, and still water fishing is nearly always a sure bet.  However for the angler ready to pursue somewhat of a different beast and put all your chips in for the ultimate challenge we stand by you.  

We strive to provide the ultimate overall experience.  To us this means a higher level of organization and logistics than most companies can provide.  It also means that we go into each week ready to pursue what we feel are the best chances to catch fish, and that means no two weeks are ever the same.   We hold a large bag of tricks up our sleeve for any condition we may face because we have seen it all.  Rarely if ever are conditions perfect in our world of spey fishing. We have come to relish that fact.  

There are some great fishing opportunities in the world that can nearly guarantee you success. If things are that easy you can expect your experience to be canned.  This means that every time you go to that destination it will be very similar, lodges can provide the same exact great trip for every guest that comes through.  In our case this is abundantly untrue.  We have to constantly reassess, readjust, and persevere to provide back to back successful weeks. At times we have to be on the water at day break and swing flies well into the late hours of evening.  We have to drive further, fish harder, cover more than what many are used to.  We understand that to be better than the rest we have to outwork, outlast and outwit anyone else on the water.  There is no end to what our staff will pursue to make sure each and every guests expectations are surpassed so they decide to return the following year. 

The guest experience starts from the ground up.   Booking trips with Epic Waters allows anglers to talk directly to the ones who will be guiding you on your trip.  This cuts out the confusion of a middle man who doesn’t always know what the true program is like. How many times have you bought hundreds of dollars in flies only to find out the guides are using completely different patterns. 

Our arrival experience for guests is well thought out to provide both a wow factor and a practical start to the week.  We take nearly everything to the next level.  Wader dry rooms, bathrooms, beds, lighting, are all proof of our elevation. Epic guests will always have a guide for every two anglers.  Guides are provided by the lodge everything they could possibly need for on the water safety.  Boats are built specifically for the water they will be working on. 

We truly believe that Epic guides are the best you will find anywhere in the world.  However it is off the water that our lodges truly shine. The truth is our food budget is bigger than any other lodge in Canada. Our accommodations are targeted to be the best in their category. If it is high end fine dining, or rustic camps, you will see more small details that have been hatched than anywhere else you travel.  Our dedicated staff never stop and they are what we are most proud of year after year.  

If you read our blog you will quickly understand our staff is full of big personalities.  These people will instantly become your friends, and eventually feel like family.  We create detailed riders on all our guests so you don’t have to mention for the 5th time you are paleo, or don’t eat fish. The epic experience is all about you.  We strive to improve every single year and we never stop learning on and off the water.