Babine Steelhead Lodge

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If you’re looking for the best steelheading on earth… look no furthur!

Babine Steelhead Lodge is located in the upper reaches of the Babine River. Situated near many of the most fabled runs in all of steelhead lore.  The lodge is very secluded and is truly the ideal location to target big trophy steelhead. With steelhead averaging over 10 pounds, fish to 20 caught with regularity and the occasional 30+ pounder, this is truly a fly fishermans paradise.

Babine Steelhead Lodge itself is a little piece of paradise.  Seated alongside one of the most impressive pieces of camp water on the entire west coast, it’s easy to imagine yourself waist deep, swinging a skater in the late afternoon sun while your friends sip a scotch on the porch behind you. At BSL, that’s our reality.

At BSL we pride ourselves on having the best guides in the business. Being led by British Columbia staple Michael Brackenhofer and his team while providing 2 clients to 1 guide and all in jet boats.

Why Choose Babine Steelhead

Simply put the Babine is the most famous steelhead in the world and for good reason. The backbone of the Skeena steelhead gold rush in the 80’s and 90’s, visions of worlds biggest fish kept people hungry and coming back for more. Today this wilderness river still offers the best opportunity anywhere to get your hands on the fish of a lifetime.

The Babine corridor is protected by a provincial park that encompasses the entire fishable section of the river. Here wilderness butts up against perfect steelhead water and you can swing endless runs in solitude. A healthy mixture choppy corners, long glides and speedy tailouts you will have the ample variety. We have seen a lot of steelhead rivers over the years but never anything with as much concentrated A water as the Babine- no micro buckets here!

The Babine enters the Skeena 240 km from the ocean and continues for 80 km to Babine Lake. The lake, some 150km long is the longest in British Columbia and is home to the Nat’oo people and Lake Babine First Nations and town of Granisle.

This part of wild British Columbia is home to most of the northern iconic species. Moose and deer are regularly seen on the banks as are black bear and bald eagle. The cliffs faces are home to giant populations of mountain goat and seldom seen but present wolves stalk the forests. The Babine is also blessed with one of the largest populations of grizzly bears in North America there to feed on a run of sockeye counted in the millions.

Typical Day

Coffee is ready around 6:30 each morning and breakfast around 7am. Departing camp by 8am for the days fishing we spend the mornings attacking the river. With a riverside sandwich and soup and even a few beers if you like. Back at camp by 5:30 pm there is time for hot shower before appetizers at 7pm. Dinners are served around 7:30pm and the rest of night is spent as you wish. The schedule changes throughout the season to ensure we make the best use of the available time.

The Food

You’re invited to dine with us, and our culinary team aims to impress. We strive to bring the service and quality of a five-star restaurant to our remote wilderness setting. Dinner is an all-out affair featuring fine wines, fresh BC appetizers, hearty entrees, and decadent desserts. We cater to the individual tastes of all of our guests and promise to go the extra mile in service. Babine Steelhead Lodge features excellent hearty meals to complement your steelhead experience. We serve the best selection of Pacific Coast entrees along with many classic favorites. Our professional chef offers fresh salmon, prime rib, rack of lamb, crab-stuffed chicken breast, homemade pasta variations, and hearty extras to satisfy hungry fishermen. Enjoy a fresh cup of our locally roasted Smithers coffee to balance out a hearty dinner. The dining experience here is exquisite, as we offer food that appeals to the tastes of a diversity of people while keeping the laid-back family atmosphere of a wilderness experience.

The Accommodations

In 2016—an epic year at Babine Steelhead Lodge—Bob Lashinski purchased the facility and signed Epic Waters angling as the operations manager. Together, we forged a completely new path to the Babine River.  Now, Epic Waters maintains a loyal brand of first-class fishing matched with first-class accommodations and service. We dropped from 9 guests to 8 guests a week and switched the cabin layout to accommodate 2 guests per cabin instead or 3 and 4.

We also guaranteed that guests will always have 2 clients per guide at all Epic-run operations. Now guests can fish a run according to the classic tradition of splitting it in half between two anglers with a guide right there to help both anglers at all times. This may seem obvious to some, but in the BC steelhead world, and particularly on the Babine, this is a ground-breaking change. That means if a bear wanders onto your shore or if you have a health issue while fishing, your guide is right beside you to resolve the situation.

Instead of bunkbeds and dorm-style accommodations, each newly renovated cabin has a shower/bathroom and two double beds. Along with these cabin renovations, the main lodge has been upgraded into a warm and inviting environment.

After three hard seasons of work, we have completely cleaned the property at Babine Steelhead Lodge and slung countless helicopter loads of garbage back to the dump. The lodge is now 100% spotless and operated meticulously from start to finish. The service is by far the best of any lodge on the Babine River.

As with all Epic-run operations, staffing is now on a 1:1 ratio with guests, thus making sure that your trip is not only completely safe but also fully targeted at accommodating your needs.

The Babine Steelhead Lodge has been in operation for nearly 30 years. We have worked hard to keep up its good traditions and buck the ones that were not focused on customer service. We see your trip to the Babine as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish the greatest steelhead river on earth, and we have made it our mission to make sure the lodge’s operations reflected that goal.

The Seasons

The early season in August is comprised of massive pushes of steelhead travelling fast and shallow. This is the kind of exciting fishing elite experienced anglers work their way up to. A dryline dream with excellent skating and t-shirt weather it’s always our personal favorite. As September rolls along and the morning temps cool, the fish start slowing down and finding their holding lies. Everyday fish continue to surge up the tributaries and cool mornings with light sink tips give way to warm afternoons and dry fly opportunities. By October the fish start stacking in their key spots and tips and intruders become the mainstay. The lies become more predictable and your guides typically have their ideal day in their head before you leave camp.


Come fish with Epic Waters Angling and Babine Steelhead Lodge!