Kings in Bristol Bay on one of the worlds best salmon fisheries.

The Togiak carves through the wilds of Bristol Bay and spills into the Bering Sea. Originating in the mountains of an impressive wildlife refuge the area is unspoiled and rich. Home to healthy runs of all 5 species salmon, char and trout and blessed with endless water to explore, this is a fly fishermans dream.

With one of the largest wild King Salmon runs in the world and in a drainage known for big Alaskan Chinook, there are few places left like this anywhere on the planet.

Why Fish the Togiak with Epic waters?

Throw a stick in Alaska and you’ll hit a fishing operation. It can feel like every artery of water is polluted with fish. So why choose Epic for your Alaskan adventure?

Simply put, this operation is one of a kind.

The Togiak River is located in a vast wilderness region called Bristol Bay. Home to a sprawling river valley that is born high in Alaskan mountains and deposited into the Bering Sea. Healthy populations of all 5 Pacific Salmon swarm back to the area and the trout and char fishing is world class.

The river winds its way through the tundra a maze of channels and islands with big gravel glides perfect for fly fishing. Along the way bears, eagles, wolves, moose and caribou call the region home. The remoteness of the region is the reason the entire ecosystem is healthy top to bottom.

The Togiak is large wild free flowing system with clean clear water endless gravel expanses perfect for rearing fish. Sharing the region with fabled systems like the Kanectok, Nushagak and Good News, it’s located in the most prolific salmon waters anywhere on the planet. This is unspoiled fishing the way it always has been.

The Lodge

Accommodations and Meals:

The Togiak Lodge is located 5 miles up the river from the ocean among the best runs on the river. With waterside seating you can enjoy a sunset fall on the mountains of the Togiak Wilderness Refuge in the distance. With hearty, hot meals prepared by an experienced chef and with an emphasis on sourcing the freshest ingredients where available, we insist on quality when it comes to your epic excursion.

At the end of your angling day relax in the lodge in heated comfort or head back to you cabin to wind down. Complete with ensuite bathrooms, good heaters, beds with proper mattresses and plenty of space for your things, this is not the bush camp you’re expecting.

The grounds also have fast starlink internet too if you need to stay caught up with the outside world.


Your Hosts

  • Epic Waters Angling Spey Program Specialits
  • Epic Waters Management

    Epic Waters has been operating spey trips for king Salmon for overs 15 years. Our team has experience from all over Alaska and British Columbia. Always on the search for the next great fishery we proud to announce it here in Togiak.

    Steve Morrow will be hosting groups for the entire 2024 King spey season and will spend his time bouncing between boats and offering up his experience where it helps. He has been on the Togiak 5 seasons and with the help of local guides helped develop this new fly fishery.

The Daily Routine

Wake up early morning for hot coffee and some breakfast and then head out for the early morning shift. The first few hours of the day are best opportunity to sample the swarms of King Salmon that have migrated from the Bering Sea the night before. This is also the time before any anglers from other camps appear on the river or fly in.

Midday is nice chance to take a break, reurn to camp and eat some lunch. It’s also a great time to relax, tie a fly and even take a nap. In the land of the midnight sun a rest from fishing during the day breaks up the angling perfectly.

In the afternoon as the day drifts away, return to the Togiak and fish into the evening. The low Alaskan sun on a fresh tide might be the most precious experience Bristol Bay has to offer.

Return to camp for appies and dinner and some fireside fish stories!

Exclusive Amenities and Facilities

Exclusive Amenities

  • Food prepared by a professional Alaskan chef
  • Sweeping river views from the lodge
  • Starlink internet
  • Wilderness park setting; wildlife abounds


  • Laundry availible
  • Drying Room
  • Hot Showers
  • Heated Cabins
  • High Speed inet



Riverside cabins

  • solid bed frames
  • comfortable mattresses and pillows
  • bed side table
  • ensuite bathroom- toilet and shower
  • lights and power (during generator hours)
  • double occupancy

How to Get There?

How do I get there? Away?

The Togiak River is accessed by charter from Anchorage, Alaska. The charter leaves from Ravn Air in the downstairs of the main departures building. Guests are encourage to arrive in Alaska the night previous. The Ravn air charter departs at 8 am and guests need to arrive by 6 am to ensure they are permitted to fly.

The return charter departs Togiak in the morning and should return to Anchorage by noon. Please refrain from departure flights to the lower 48 before 3pm. Although weather delays aren’t common they do occur in Alaska and Epic is not responsible.

Charter flight is $800. Your travel to and from your home to Anchorage not included or provided by Epic.

What equipment and documents should I bring?



1. You will arrive in Anchorage the night before your trip. Please stay at the hotel of your choosing using a taxi or Uber both available at ANC airport. Our hotel recommendations are the Lakeside or the Coast.

Take a taxi the morning of your trip to the charter hanger.

2. Please purchase your license. You must have:

  • Alaskan general angling license
  • King Salmon Tag

3. Bring all your angling equipment. This includes:

  • rods- bring two 9 or 10 wt spey rods
  • reels- large arbour with plenty of backing!!
  • hooks in 1 or 1/0. Octopus or SSW style.
  • Flies- chartreuse, black, blue and pink. Reverse marabous (pictured above) are deadly. We will happily provide a list of our favorites. Did we mention pink?
  • Lines- bring two skagit heads and two game changer (or fist) heads.
  • waders and vibram boots (no felt)
  • polarized sunglasses x 2
  • waterproof pack

4. good layered clothing

  • layers- good rain jacket, beanie, puffy, long johns and light layers for sun
  • buff
  • hat
  • merino fishing socks

4. Toiletries- pack meds in your carry on in case of luggage issues. Sunscreen.


Packages and Rates

5 guided days/ 5 nights. $6200 pp + $800 charter flight

June 21-26, June 26-July 1, July 1-6

What’s Included?

  • Charter from Anchorage to Togiak ($800).
  • Double occupancy cabin.
  • Delicious professional chef prepared meals.
  • Fully guided fishing from jet boat.

What’s not Included?

  • Flight to Anchorage from home
  • Transportation around Anchorage
  • Accommodations in Anchorage
  • Gratuities

Weight Allowance

Due to safety measures, and weight restrictions on the airplanes, there is a maximum weight allowance of two bags at 50 pounds per person.

Making Reservations

Your trip is only confirmed with the payment of a 50% non refundable deposit. Your second payment is due 120 days prior to your trip. All payments are non refundable within 90 days of your first fishing day.

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