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Matt Nagler

Matt Nagler

Everyone has their personal favourite guides around the world.  Some are intense, obsessed, and focused on making every opportunity during the day count.  Others are easy going, relaxed and focus more on the experience of the days outing.  Once in a while an all incumbent fishing guide is born.  One that is just as fun as he is fishy.  Meet Matt Nagler one of the world best fishing guides you haven’t heard of.  Nagler started guiding in Patagonia Chile during the first lodge boom in the late 90’s.  Many of the now famous fisheries had been discovered but were not yet mastered.  Matt pioneered flies, and techniques for catching Patagonia trout 20 years ago that are still the staple to this day.

His science background gave him opportunities go explore Chilean chinook fisheries on other people’s dime as the race was on to discover a consistent run of kings that could be swung up on the fly.  He is still researching several fisheries along the coast that receive large numbers of King salmon each year.  Before investing money into an operation Matt believes you must study a full 5 year cycle on any salmon fishery to insure it has legs.

In the early 2000’s Matt connected with Mark Kniprath who was one of the first to bring down a De Havilland beaver creating an Alaskan type fly out experience for Patagonia trout and salmon fishing.  Together Mark and Matt brought great acclaim to the ‘Heart of the Andes’ lodge program and flew all over Patagonia turning up tremendous untouched fisheries.

If you are looking to explore a new fishery in Chile Matt is always high on peoples lists to conduct it.  His love for exploration, and his even keeled attitude makes his perspective on fishing hit home with many readers.  Matt has been living and guiding year round in Chile for over 20 years now and is one of the most respected fishing guides in South America.  He currently is working at Coyhaique River Lodge and can help you with any intel about fishing Patagonia.