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Coast to Clouds Conservation Foundation 2017

In 2016 preparations for a conservation arm of Epic Waters Angling began. Armed with the successes of previous environmental organizations and already with focus on some core conservation concerns we set out to hone our activism. We felt that that the best way to affect change was wade right in – excuse the pun.

Anglers from all over the world travel to the Skeena region every year and many want to become involved in preserving its legacy. We can all agree that seeing steelhead and salmon continue to pour in from the Pacific is critical. As lodge owners and operators we wanted to find a model that could help connect our anglers directly to the resource and contribute to it safe.

We ask that anglers contribute $100-200 for every trip to Coast to Clouds to be donated directly to NGO’s fighting the battles that keep steelhead and salmon and the habitats they inhabit intact for the future. The grand vision is that all fishing lodges in the Skeena and beyond would help facilitate conservation initiatives in their region and become directly involved. In return, anglers receive a direct pipeline to conservationists to voice their specific agendas.

Using the donations collected in 2016 of $12,000 we contributed our first funds to our long-time friends at the Native Fish Society as they embark on creating a BC chapter. The following is a break down by the regional director of the Native Fish Society, British Columbia, Allsion Oliver for the 2017 funds donated.   – Hire and train BC Regional Coordinator (Allison Oliver, PhD) hyperlink – Begin to establish NFS presence in B.C. by building relationships (i.e., introductions to individuals, ENGO’s, other interest groups, agencies, etc.) – Developed and submitted formal comments to DFO’s Wild Salmon Policy Implementation Plan (in collaboration with SkeenaWild) – Developing background materials for 2018 campaigns regarding fish handling practices in B.C., and logging practices/forestry management reform – (In progress now) Supporting campaign around halting/slowing clear cutting around Skidigate Lake/Copper River on Haida Gwaii   – (In progress now) Workshop weekends dedicated to increasing conservation efforts within the rapidly growing demographic of female anglers.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Coast to Clouds please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or for issues related to Native Fish Society BC campaigns Tom Derry at [email protected] . Thank you for your continued support.

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