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It is that time of year again where we come up with some of the equipment, tools and gadgets that we just can’t live without these days.  Fishing companies did well to stay in the zone this year and pumped out some great new technology.  However, one of the best things about getting out fishing is to leave some of the gadgetry behind and focus on the here and now. Even fishing now you see signs of cell phones everywhere.  Due to the need to unplug a bit this year all these products are very simple in design and they work great.  Each one would make a great gift for your loved ones with a passion for fishing.

Gifted 1

Using nail clippers to cut line is slowly becoming outdated.  After my $80 abel clippers finally failed on me I realized this just can’t be the best way to trim up my tippets.  Nail clippers hanging off a zinger go back many generations, but so do fishing vests and creels and how many of them do you see around anymore?  I made the move to mini scissors and haven’t looked back.  Check out this great product from Boomerang tool and you wont be disappointed. It is incredibly sharp, accurate and much easier to use with low light or bad eyes.

Gerber has a great new one as well This one also has a crimper where you can get better purchase on the tag end to really tighten down your saltwater knots.  No more excuses if your knot comes unraveled when a permit bites, this tool does it all.

Gifted 2

Abel has pumped out some pretty cool looking reels over the past 25 years.  Whether you are a dead head, or love unique fish patterns or colours they have come up with some very creative designs.  The new limited addition is pretty sweet.  It is a Johnny Cash reel.  What fishing trip comes and goes without a little Cash making it on to the stereo.  Probably none I would suggest.  Give Cash the credit due and sting a few steelhead with this design.

Gifted 3

One problem most steelhead anglers face is that there is never a net around when you need it.  We want to keep the fish in the water and stress them out as least as possible.  This is often done by teamwork. If your fishing buddy hooks one, drop your rod and go help land and release it.  However carrying a net around is a royal pain in the butt.  This is where small cradle nets folded up on the side of a backpack work the best.  Yes they don’t scoop quite as well, and may look like chopsticks with panty house as one of our guests pointed out.  However for hiking and fishing purposes they are by far the easiest to trek around.  Thus for portability we highly recommend the Bulkley Cradle net by rushton.

Gifted 4

Very few anglers are lucky enough to be able to leave there house wadered up to go fishing.  This is because most of us have a drive to do before fishing so we pack the waders along.  The problem with this is that the inevitable will eventually happen.  You will forget something catastrophic.  I have driven 2 hours to a river before only to realize either my waders or wading boots didn’t make it into the car (yes it has happened multiple times).  Not all of us are morning people and our 4am brains are the equivalent of 8 month old Chow Chow.  The best way to travel is with a wader bag, and Orvis makes the best one I have found.  It holds your boots, wading belt and waders and is vented to allow it to dry.  This bag will make your life easier on any trip.

Gifted 5

My new guide Corwin Trent pulled this bad boy out while camping this summer and we all loved it.  It is a solar, waterproof, collapsable light that gives off a really nice glow in your tent.  At epic we are all about the lighting when camping as it’s a huge factor in achieving the atmosphere you want.  This little light is perfect.  It is a very soft glow yet pumps out an impressive amount of light to see what you are doing.  The charge lasts 10 hours or so which is more than enough for most trips.  If you have a loved one that loves camping this would be a great go to gift

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