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My First Season Guiding on the Babine by Tegan Baxter

This past fall I got the opportunity to guide steelhead on the Babine river, a place that had interested me for many years and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The babine steelhead lodge is located in the upper reaches of the river nestled in a grove of old growth cottonwoods within the Park Corridor. The Babine River Corridor Park protects the heart of the Babine River watershed, a truly wild remote river, home to steelhead, salmon, trout and all the wildlife that depend on them. The river originates in Babine Lake, the longest natural lake entirely within British Columbia. The beauty of the river, the solitude with no roads and very little to no competition for runs makes it a very unique place . It is peace and quiet at its finest.

It’s early September now and I’m reminiscing about past days spent on the banks of this river. Watching clients boil steelhead on skaters right outside the lodge as I pack the boat for the day. It seemed like the topic of conversation at dinner most nights were about someone’s “huge” fish they caught that day. It’s truly a spey anglers paradise and a great location to sooth your “steelhead fever” with countless epic runs within minutes of the lodge.

As I watched the leaves change from green to yellow and the mornings becoming a little more crisp and dark, it was almost closing time. Let me tell you, two months flys by out there at camp. I’m so grateful for the many laughs and exciting times shared with great people. I can only imagine how many friendships have been formed out there on that legendary Steelhead river.


Although I won’t be spending as much time at the lodge on the babine this year, I’m thankful to be spending my fall here in Smithers at the frontier location with fellow guides and colleagues that are like family to me. Even though we won’t be seeing nearly as many of you this fall, there is still lots of work to be done around the camps. We’re getting ready and looking forward to welcoming you when the time comes. Tight lines.


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