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Official end of an era in Telkwa BC

On the Bulkley river sits a lodge steeped in time honored traditions, and rich in history and lore.   Frontier Farwest has been around for 50 years and under the guidance of founder Collin Schadwrech FFW has placed its stamp on the steelhead world forever.

Schadrech is the most famous angler to ever guide the Bulkley River. In fact today, almost every single outfitter, owner or head guide on the Bulkley worked for Schadrech.   A character rich in personality Colin exhibits the most important ability in a steelhead guide. He has an open minded attitude and acknowledges the fact you are never done learning on the water.  I can tell you this, anyone who chased steelhead with Collin is a better fisherman for it.

However today marks the end of an era.  The famous lodge known as the “creamery” where Frontier Farwest operated successfully for all those years has sold.  A new local couple can now pursue their own dreams with a building that breathes good Karma and welcomes you with open arms the second you walk in.  In fact one of the new owners worked for Schadrech as a guide briefly in the early 80’s and had always dreamed of owning the creamery.

Although FFW has moved locations a couple miles down river, the creamery and the history will never be forgotten.  However just like catching a trophy steelhead we are releasing this one, albeit after 50 odd years.  Our next season will be dedicated to Colin Schadrech and the special monument building forever known as the creamery in our hearts and souls.

You listen to a river gently rolling by. You notice the leaves rustling in the wind.  You hear the birds singing, trees creaking.  In the distance an eagle calls.

Everything is  quiet, peaceful. Your mind is blank, fully relaxed yet focused, caught up strictly in this moment – right here, right now.  Each cast flows through you as instinctive as a breath of air.

All of a sudden, a steelhead appears from the depths of the river like a vision in a dream and explodes on your little dry fly.  It’s a gear shift inside you. The sounds disappear and your other senses heighten.  It was 6 hours since your last strike and it feels so good.  The excitement pours over you battling the strongest fish that swims, but in the end you tail it, revive it and let it go.  The only place we will revisit these fish, is in our hearts, or in our dreams, but never forgotten.

Now the old Frontier Farwest at the legendary creamery in Telkwa BC becomes the same as a released steelhead. It will be held close to our memories for generations to come. For those of you that experienced the Creamery with Colin or with us will all understand what a special place it was and still is.  We wish the new owners all the luck in the world!

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