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Pink Polar Tube

The Polar Tube series is tied like most steelhead flies; to resemble nothing in particular, yet look incredibly edible. It has enough wiggle for slow currents, yet has just enough resistance to fish faster flows.  It has the attribute guides love, simplistic yet dynamic. You can work this fly at any depth in the water column with simple mends.  It drops well under a large mend, and has enough movement to fish well on a down and across shallow swing.

It fishes well for chrome freshies close to the ocean, early season fish in fast riffles, and late season bottom hugging lunkers.  Pink works, period.

I love it for Skeena Chinook, and Steelhead when the sun shines. It is a classic pattern for summer runs and winter runs alike.  Fish this fly with confidence and you pick peoples pockets all day long.

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