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Skeena steelhead for $650 a day

Weather directly effects our lives in a ver intrusive way each and every day.  Over the past year it seems we have hardly had any luck at all.  The Bulkley season saw one of the most pervasive blow out seasons we have ever seen.  Every time the river started to clear – along came another storm.  Unfortunately that came after a very cold and wet summer.  Even last spring was too hot and dry making the freshet come nearly 6 weeks early utterly running our lives for a spell.

Needless to say we spend a lot of our lives looking at weather forecasts, and yes we discuss it far too much consider there is nothing we can ever do about it.  However we are finally catching the break we have been waiting for.  This spring season looks to be the one everyone has been waiting for.  Call us out if you like, but we are predicting fishable water conditions on the Skeena for the peak of the spring run which literally hasn’t happened in 5 years.  The Skeena is big enough that it isn’t the fish numbers you pray for in April, it is cool enough weather to hold off the spring freshet.  If you get a cold April you will have some great opportunities on the river.  Before you summer steelhead junkies get all excited, this is still winter steelhead fishing.  A fish a day is our ultimate goal, but these fish are not what you are used to catching.  They line burning, backing pulling machines that will give you the fight of your life.

If you have ever wanted to see the spring steelhead season on the Skeena in all its glory this is going to be the year to try it.  Due to this Epic prediction we are offering a special deal to get some folks up to the Skeena to experience this amazing fishery.  We have a flexible program where you can come up for as many days as you like.  Each day is $650usd and includes accommodations and food.  That means a 5 day trip will cost $3250 and a 3 day trip is $1950.  With great rates into Terrace right now you can actually come in for a weekend for a great price.

If you haven’t gotten your fill for winter steelhead this season cap it off with an Epic trip.  Conditions are very promising to make this one of the years not to miss.

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