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Steelheaders New Years Resolutions for 2015

Now thats its 2015 we all need a few resolutions that will help us catch more fish. The best way to do that is to get some good karma going to appease the steelhead gods.

When people talk about steelhead as the fish of a thousand casts, they often persuade you to believe that catching them is all about perseverance and time on the water. Many people have attempted to figure out why some people catch a lot more fish than others. Some people will tell you they carefully paint the bottom of the river with their fly using the same precision when painting your first born babies room. Others believe it’s the ability to cast in any situation with the accuracy of a Felix Hernandez fastball. Books are being published on what makes some anglers so special on the water.

The only ones who can truly answer this question is the almighty steelhead gods themselves. They watch you on and off the river and ultimately decides what you will catch. They are the fly fishing equvilant to the elf on the shelf in which you better behave if you want to hook a steelhead on a consistent basis. If you follow these simple rules you will find your catch rate sky rocket on the river.

1. Litter on the river

You obviously should never leave anything on the river, not even a banana peel. No tossing cigarette butts on the ground or in the water, not even a match. If you find garbage, pick it up and take it home. For every river littered with Palm Bay, and bud light lime cans there are numerous anglers destined for dismal fishing trips.

2. Low holing and poor etiquette

If you low hole or poach another angler you are sure to catch the fish that was originally meant for the person you screwed. However this angers the steelhead god to such an extreme you can be sure your next trip out will end with a broken rod and a flat tire. Beware!

3. Ethic of reciprocity

Theres a reason the ‘Do unto others’ golden rule is found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism and nearly every other religion in the world. No difference here with the steelhead gods, if you are evil to others on the river expect a tree to fall into your favourite run.

4. Help save our wild fish

The most passionate people about rivers are the ones that ultimately are going to be relied upon to save the species. The steelhead gods want you to support wild steelhead, its habitat, and reduce risks that could harm them. No matter how big or small of an effort, every steelhead angler needs to put some time in or money donated to related causes. By doing this you can ensure your next trip will avoid -20 degree weather, blown out rivers, broken rods, and everything else that ruins a trip.

Follow these very simple 4 steps and you will see immediate success on the river. The Steelhead God sees all!

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