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Togiak Wilderness Spey

This summer, Epic Waters Angling will be hosting a fishing expedition on the lower Togiak River. We will be working in conjunction with the only permanent lodge on the river: Togiak River Lodge.

The Togiak River area has been a prime gear-fishing destination for many years, and the spey fishing opportunities for experienced anglers are as good as it gets. This adventurous river is one where fisherman can experience an “earthquake take” in the middle of the run after throwing an 80-foot cast. The fish are very large for Alaska and rarely have any color on them in the lower river.

Since the lodge guests will be gear-fishing out of a boat, Epic’s camp guests will soak up the prime gravel bars and back channel runs where swinging for kings lines up perfectly. Our camp is very comfortable and located ideally just upriver of the estuary. It is close enough to the fishing areas that you can come back for midday breaks or lunch, and you can time your efforts around the tides or when the sun is off the water.

The Togiak has sustained a very large run of fish since 2011, and it has not seen a significant decline in numbers. For anglers that prefer to launch spey casts and get big grabs in heavy water, the Togiak will surpass even the highest expectations. We quickly fell in love with the Togiak, as it reminds us so much of our B.C. rivers; however the huge numbers of fish pushing though are uniquely Alaskan.

British Columbian fisheries are a little different than Alaskan ones. Anglers typically work harder in BC for their catch. The rivers are much bigger, faster, and deeper than most fly-specific king destinations. People who love fishing BC kings like to challenge themselves with more difficult conditions; the payoff is the potential for larger, harder-fighting fish. The river gradients are often steep in BC, and the kings have enough of an advantage from the fast-flowing water to test your gear to the fullest. If they aren’t steep like the Dean, they are very large like the Skeena. In both systems, anglers can often be spooled before they can react in time to get the boat started to chase them.

For spey fisherman, the kings in the lower Togiak are pretty special. They typically hold court in the lower reaches of the main-stem for two weeks or longer before moving further upstream searching for redd locations.

For spey fisherman, this couldn’t be better. The fresh chrome fish hold long enough to target them but not long enough to color up and go stale. With 6 solid weeks of fresh fish pushing through the system, there is always a high percentage of colorless fish in the lower river.

Everyone has different expectations when fly fishing for king salmon. For some, just catching a few is enough. Whether stripping flies through sloughs, or swinging up older, colored fish, they are happy as long as there is a good chance they will hook some fish. Others prefer rivers a little closer to the ocean, where the kings have a better chance of being bright — like on the Togiak.

The runs are varied from large stacking holes to choppy riffles to never-ending flats. The kings sit in water from deep crawling corners to shallow fast tail-outs. The runs are plentiful, pressure is minimal, and the wading although deep at times is not difficult. You really couldn’t ask for better water anywhere!

The expectation is that each day a client will go out and hook at least one of these impressive fish. Certain days may be even more profitable, but the goal each day is to get one. In addition, guests can expect sea run Dollies and true trophy Alaskan rainbow trout.

The camp is something that we have down to a science. Wall tents and small canvas cabin tents are provided for sleeping. Heaters, drying tents, showers, out houses and epic views are all some of the things you can expect at camp. We always try to make it as comfortable as possible while maintaining a few of those things that add to the feeling of wilderness we all want on these trips.

The pledge is that you can expect a service and quality from the team that comes from a combined 60 years of outfitting experience. From the boats to the camp to the guides to the gear, rest assured your trip will be well managed.

Included – Accommodation and meals, guided fishing, transfers to and from camp. Limited rod, reels, flies at camp. Travel to Togiak as well as to and from Anchorage.




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