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Top 5 photos captured

1.  Ken Morrish of Flywater Travel makes a living following the best fish in the world, from snarling freshwater golden dorado to the Finest BC steelhead rivers to supercharged King salmon all on the fly.  With his great eye for photography it’s not surprising he captured this incredible photograph on the Bulkley River on one of FFW’s Steve Morrow Canyon trips.  Pretty much sums up the reason Steve and his Bulkley river beats are receiving rave reviews year after year.


2.  This is one of the winners from the north coast. The Coast Mountains in and around the mouth of the skeena have been referred to as ’Granite Country‘ because of the tremendous abundance of it compared to other parts of British Columbia. Granite often forms very stable, steep cliffs which are incredibly breathtaking.

Most of the Coast Mountains here have rounded summits which indicate that glacial ice flowed over the tops of them. Only the very highest peaks are sharp and irregular, indicating they poked above the highest limits of the glacier. So as you look at the view, imagine the valleys filled with glacial ice with only the highest, sharp peaks sticking through!  This is en route to one of the Bulkley Basecamps coastal king salmon trips.


3.  Bulkley river dry fly fishing is what all steelheaders from around the globe dream of. Skating flies during the early morning, september foggy days is intense. You just know that fly is about to be attacked at any given moment, and more often than not you are 100% right.  This picture is taken minutes before a fish was hooked on a ferocious take.

4.  Steve Morrow has been fishing Haida Gwaii for many years and has a steelhead sense of when, and where to be. Run timing, tides, water levels, make fishing these islands very complicated. Unlike the Skeena you can not show up to fish blindly with the hope of being very successful.  Small runs of steelhead in small river offer short windows of success.  This photo taken by Steve is a window into what a guide sees out on the water.

5. Another great shot by Ken Morrish overlooking the ocean in front Of Copper Bay Lodge.  Haida Gwaii is home to one of the world’s most remote and incredible landscapes. Looking out at the ocean at night dreaming of steelhead in those rivers is often surreal. Morrish captures this beautifully in this perfectly exposed image.

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