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Mike VanWormer A.K.A VDubs podcast

Vdubs is one of the original members of the Frontier team.  He was an integral part of setting up the lodge platform and turning a plan into action.  Mike and I started working together in 1998 at Mackenzie Trail Lodge which was once the biggest freshwater operations in the province.  In this Podcast, Stevie Morrow and Danny Hollins chat with Mike about the old days at Mackenzie Trail lodge.  Mike discusses the big changes in the industry from the golden era of sports shows, to the now manufactured era of social media.  Mike shares his stories about the first couple seasons at Frontier after we purchased the operation 13 years ago.  Mike is a legend in the sport of fly fishing in BC, and if you have only heard the stories second hand, it is now time to hear it from VDubs himself.

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