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As a tribute to our 2020 guest roster that are unable to come to steelhead paradise with border closures, we have created a new ‘members only’ section to the Epic Waters website.  Here you will see a steady stream of content created just for you. While others are wondering what is happening on the Skeena system, you will be able to witness it all virtually from your living room.  Tune in each day and enjoy the steelhead ‘couch tour’ for fall 2020.  We have videos, articles and podcasts planned that will keep you engaged and entertained through these difficult times. Since you can’t join us on the water, we are going to bring it to you.

  • Tips for winter Steelhead (8/5/2021) - Fly fishing is a game of inches, and subtleties that ultimately determines success and failure.  Actions typically need to be […]
  • End of season Heli day (11/4/2020) - The weather has been extremely unpredictable of late with extreme cold, than back to back snow storms into a warm […]
  • Fishing with Franky (10/23/2020) - One of the bright spots this season was having our old guide and friend Frankie Blanchet up to the lodge […]
  • Team Basecamp (10/22/2020) - The Bulkley Basecamp team are a rowdy bunch, and not the type to sit around the lodge crying into their […]
  • A long road ahead (10/21/2020) - Even though little to no guests came through the lodge this season, the staff helped keep each others moral up […]
  • Mike VanWormer A.K.A VDubs podcast (10/15/2020) - Vdubs is one of the original members of the Frontier team.  He was an integral part of setting up the […]
  • EPIC Canadian Caesars! (9/30/2020) - Sure it may have been the great quest for Northern BC steelhead that drew you up initially, but we all […]
  • Cheating on the Babine with Logan Wilkins (9/26/2020) - With an unusual amount of days off this fall, our guide staff are getting to spend more time exploring each […]
  • 3 keys to catching more steelhead (9/25/2020) - Join Epic guides Corwin Trent and Danny Hollins as they share some on the water lessons on how to catch […]
  • Coming home to the Babine by Sonja Coates (9/24/2020) - by Sonja Coates To be completely honest, each season at the Babine Steelhead Lodge has come to represent much more […]